It is believed that a blockchain protocol does not have the ability to prosper without a proficient company looking to build on it. That is the reason why the #BuildonZIL program was started— to search for very talented and endowed individuals and crews to build on the existing protocol.

The theme for this second wave is User and Developer experience. Blockchains, being very difficult for people new to the space, has always been a pain point in the industry. Therefore, it is decided that this wave of grants should go to projects looking to improve Zilliqa’s ease of development and user experience.

The Second Wave Awardee List


Category: Wallet

Awardee Project name: Moonlet

Awardee Team name:

Brief Description:

Moonlet is an open source cryptocurrency (Chrome extension/Web) wallet permitting individuals to share native ZILs, and also associate with smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain.

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Category: Wallet

Awardee Project name: Zilliqa Ledger Wallet

Awardee Team name: CryptoAeon

Brief Description:

Zilliqa Ledger Nano S Wallet is a hardware wallet allowing individuals to monitor Zilliqa transactions using the famous hardware device. The wallet will support many kinds of tokens.


Category: Block Explorer

Awardee Project name: Viewblock

Awardee Team name: Ashlar

Brief Description:

ViewBlock is an adaptive block explorer concentrated on user-experience.


Category: Block Explorer

Awardee Project name: ZilBlocks

Awardee Team name: Datagazer + Quantlife

Brief Description:

ZilBlocks, an ultramodern block explorer that allows user to smoothly see their transaction statements.


Category: Developer tools

Awardee Project name: Muer Framework

Awardee Team name: Appberry

Brief Description:

Muer is a Truffle-like framework for inventors wishing to create, deploy, test and migrate their smart contracts on the Zilliqa networks.

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Category: Developer tools

Awardee Project name: C++ Core protobuff support

Awardee name: Robin Thomas

Brief Description:

This support will feature protobuf and RPC features to relieve the load on processing transactions and lift events on the smart contract layer.


Category: Developer tools

Awardee Project name: Cocos SDK

Awardee name: Nguyen Khanh Phuong

Brief Description:

Cocos2d client side integration for Zilliqa Platform.


Category: Developer tools

Awardee Project name: Learn-Scilla

Awardee name: Noel Yoo

Brief Description:

An interactive tutorial for people to learn Zilliqa’s smart contract language, Scilla, via a gamification process.


Category: User tools

Awardee Project name: Zilliqa Naming Service

Awardee Team name: UnstoppableDomains

Brief Description:

The Zilliqa Naming Service permits users to use human readable names, like yourname.zil, while sending and receiving cryptocurrency.

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Category: User tools

Awardee Project name: UI/UX for Zupreme

Awardee Team name: Open Zesame

Brief Description:

This UI/UX design project is an extension of the Zupreme iOS wallet created by Alexander Cyon. The design will make the Zupreme iOS wallet more intuitive for people.


Category: User tools

Awardee Project name: ZDEX

Awardee name: Karim Helmy

Brief Description:

ZDEX is a decentralized exchange for switchable tokens on the Zilliqa platform. It draws inspiration from Uniswap.

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