Market Drop Creates An Opportunity To Gather Zilliqa Ahead Of Mainnet

The Crypto world is going through a bad phase. But, this drop offers an opportunity to amass high-value coins with the potential to increase in value in the future. An example is Zilliqa (ZIL). Zilliqa is one coin whose characteristics make it precious for the future.

Zilliqa’s scalability gives it a high market value and many blockchain platforms are having the challenge of scalability. It will be challenging for these blockchains to gain widespread adoption without availability.

This problem has been solved using Sharding. In tests, Zilliqa made over a thousand transactions per second and can do more. This makes it higher in value than most other cryptos in its category and creates a huge prospect for gains the moment the market turns bullish again.

In addition, Zilliqa makes a high potential buy currently because of its marketing efforts.  Marketing is essential to the growth of any cryptocurrency because it opens up the doors to adoption. Zilliqa is progressing in this front having made significant headway in reaching outside of its home base in Asia.

Forthcoming Developments In The Ziliqa Ecosystem

They have opened offices in other continents like Europe. Once companies in Europe feel the power of the Zilliqa blockchain, adoption will increase, likewise the value of the Zilliqa blockchain. This is what makes it heavily mismatched in terms of value-v-price, and a nice investment in this market downturn.

Also, they have a big thing coming next year, the mainnet launch. Zilliqa’s mainnet launches on the 31st of January 2019. This is huge and could raise the value of Zilliqa pump by a wide margin. That’s because it will expose this blockchain for adoption, considering that it has the tools to allow for its adoption in the Dapps market. Also, the mainnet launch could create FOMO around XRP before the date. This might significantly spike the value of Zilliqa ahead of the launch. Therefore, it is wise to start early in expectation of this possible pump.

These factors above make Zilliqa a high-value blockchain with the prospect of outperforming in the market in 2019. It would even gain more if big companies start to build on it and show Zilliqa’s acceptance in the market, one that could make it progress in 2019.  Zilliqa’s long-term prospects look good and it has high chances of shooting close to a dollar or over in 2019.

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