Ripple’s XRP Now the Second-best Currency as Ethereum (ETH) Dips

As massive dips arrived the entire market started to plummet on November 15th with the majority of top cryptocurrencies going down by over -10% and some event went towards and beyond -20%.

However, XRP benefited from this occasion even though the crypto itself was seen at a heavy decline of -10% in less than 24 hours on November 15th.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Since Ethereum (ETH) touched a new low of 174$, later on, climbing to 177$ and 179$, ETH lost a total of over -15% in a week which resulted in losing the spot of the second largest currency to XRP.

XRP is also one of the fastest currencies in the market, previously gaining momentum in the midst of the dipping market when xRapid was announced as a product that would introduce XRP to the world of banking and financial systems.

Now, XRP makes up for the second largest currency by its market cap of over 19 billion dollars.

XRP Becomes One of the Top Two Cryptocurrencies in the Market

They say that for every bad situation there is a bright side to it, which turned out to be true for XRP in its latest ascend.

Although Ripple’s XRP dipped with the rest of the market, going below the price of 0.50$, the crypto was still able to beat its competition by losing less than Ethereum (ETH) for instance.

This case brought XRP to the spot of the second-largest currency in the market, now counting over 19 billion dollars, while ETH dropped to the third spot with 18.5 billion in market capitalization.

Despite the decline, ETH managed to acquire a minor dip that led it to the value of 179$ aiming for breaking the resistance of 180$ and potentially going above.

Still, its current movement isn’t quite enough even to disturb the positive pace of growth that XRP is acquiring only a single day after the major dip, even though the top cryptos are still dipping.

XRP Price Today: XRP Going Up in the Midst of the Dipping Market

Despite the fact that the market is still seen in a major decline, although in a better position in oppose to the previous day of November 15th, XRP is acquiring gains.

Modestly, but stubbornly, XRP is seen by nearly 3% up against the fiat in the midst of the dipping market where cryptos are having a hard time adjusting.

It seems that the fact that XRP is now taking the spot of the second-largest currency invited more investors to the pool of opportunities, that way providing a price pump factor for XRP despite the negative market trends.

That is how XRP managed to reach the value of 0.47$ from 0.45$ in less than 24 hours, slowly heading towards getting back to the price of 0.50$ and above.

In case Ethereum wouldn’t be able to show any serious progress in the next weeks, we might see it additionally losing its newly acquired ranking much like it was the case with Litecoin (LTC) once it was pushed out from the top 5 list by EOS (EOS) and later on Stellar Lumens (XLM).

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