How Bosch XDK and IOTA Bridge Could Affect the Price of IOTA (MIOTA)

IOTA (MIOTA) is without any doubt one of the most progressive blockchain-based projects in the market.

However, IOTA would perhaps be best described as “blockless,” as thanks to its network Tangle, made to operate at the level of utmost scalability, integrations of IOTA technology are made simple, easy, and effective.

That is how IOTA is leading the Internet of Things revolution set to connect devices through the IoT ecosystem and enable machine-to-machine communication.

IOTA (MIOTA) Price Today – MIOTA / USD

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Bitcoin (BTC)

IOTA made a huge impact on the automotive industry and blockchain space likewise once Volkswagen and IOTA foundation announced their mutual product coming out at the beginning of 2019.

However, another major partner might pull IOTA out of the crisis in the market as the crypto is seen down by over -48% down in its YTD chart, also showing negative returns in weekly, daily, and monthly charts as well.

Bosch XDK and IOTA Bridge Introduced to the Public

Bosch Connectivity announced on their Twitter page that “a very promising development in this area (the area of connected devices and data) is taking place right now.”

The team behind Bosch referred on this occasion to their work in progress regarding Bosch XDK and IOTA bridge.

The team announced a powerful combination of IOTA tokens, currently going through a decline with the majority of the assets in the market, XDK2MAM that enabled connection, and Bosch XDK.

The device is made to enable a bridge between Bosch XDK and IOTA marketplace where data can be easily sold in exchange for IOTA (MIOTA) through numerous and various devices.

What Bosch XDK will represent in this case is a medium that will allow real-time trading with data available on IOTA marketplace.

The device itself is said to represent a prototype of the IoT ecosystem while allowing any type of use case imaginable. The technology of this device powered by IOTA and released by Bosh allows implementation of any type of application.

Moreover, its determined service allows data collecting and data trading.

Since data operations are kept under cryptographic protection and are secured which means that the service operates as a peer-to-peer marketplace and a trusted source.

 Can Bosch XDK Device Push the Price of IOTA Up?

IOTA has seen some amazing use cases over the time since it has been launched, which includes the famous IOTA driven charging station for electric vehicles.

What devices and integrations like the one in case of Bosh XDK and IOTA can do for the price of MIOTA in the market is reflected in the fact that IOTA tokens are driving data trading operations.

That means that the interested users will also have to count on investing in IOTA tokens, which could potentially and consequently drive the price of IOTA up in the market or perhaps even indicate a healthy dose of stability for MIOTA against the fiat.

So far, MIOTA managed to keep its ranking as the 12th largest crypto and it certainly doesn’t represent an isolated case in the market when it comes to dipping, so hopefully, Bosch XDK could take IOTA up from this point where the crypto is seen in a prolonged decline.


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