Ripple’s XRP Still Going Up: Is 0.50$ Breakthrough Taking Place Once Again?

XRP represents one of the fastest cryptocurrencies in the market, easily representing a currency driven by presenting a new prototype for financial systems that should improve the efficiency and reduce the cost in traditionally used banking systems.

However, banks are still ignoring XRP and xRapid product with it, rather going for xCurrent, which is a product that doesn’t require XRP in order to operate properly.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Still, XRP is showing progress in the market despite the dips and a slower adoption of Ripple’s currency in oppose to what XRP fans and holders are expecting to see with xRapid integrations.

Ripple is still dominating the market from its newly acquired ranking as the second-best currency as we can see it progressively rising, unlike its less fortunate top crypto peers.

Is XRP getting back to 0.50$ with the latest rebound?

XRP Price Today: Ripple’s XRP Going for Breaking the Resistance of 0.50$

Several days ago, Ripple’s XRP took the ranking of then second-largest cryptocurrency, that way stripping Ethereum off its long-held status of one of the top two crypto assets.

The transition not as benevolent to ETH as much as for XRP took place in the middle of what appeared to be yet another horrifying market dip where Ripple’s currency was losing on its value too.

On this occasion, XRP went below its initial price of 0.50$, but it soon acquired a positive pace of growth which allowed it to rise back up closer to the mentioned price.

Now that XRP is taking almost 4% of gains in the last 24 hours, trading at the price of 0.48$ there is still a strong chance that the crypto could break through the value of 0.50% in the next day or two in case it preserves the current pace of growth.

What is Next for XRP?

XRP now definitely stands as one of the top gaining cryptocurrencies, keeping up the positive momentum in the middle of the dipping market, and losing “only” -2% in the course of a single week whereas BCH, for instance, had lost almost -30% of its value within the same timeframe.

One of the potential factors driving the increased interest in XRP is the newly introduced service called XRParrot.

XRParrot is set to enable fiat to cryptocurrency converting in a rather simple and easy manner, that way improving the experience of exchanging your fiat to XRP units.

The service has been launched by the community member of XRP and the conversion service, for now, allows converting your Euros to Ripple’ s XRP in no time with XRParrot, set to bring more fiat currencies for easy conversions.

However, XRP would definitely have more chances for a potential case of skyrocketing if adoption of XRP would be directly and extendedly driven by the previously introduced xRapid product set to introduce XRP to banking systems.

By far, banks belonging to the Ripple Net network of partners are not showing a specifically increased interest in this product, having xCurrent that doesn’t require XRP still dominating within the banking industry in a collision with blockchain technology.

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