Circle’s Investment Practice Takes Another Crypto: Monero

One of the known blockchain startups, Circle is soon launching Monero as a part of its investment application. Monero is a cryptocurrency that is known with its privacy-focus.

Circle recently included Zcash to the investment application and now the payment platform announces that it will support Monero as well. With these developments, users will be able to invest in Monero as well as other tokens available in the platform.

Circle’s investment application is an investment product that offers digital service without any commission.

Apart from offering privacy coins, Circle’s investment application will now include Monero and Zcash as well as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

In a post written by Rachel Mayer, senior product manager for Circle’s Invest application, said that the upcoming updates will also provide info on “”how we think about adding assets into our products” as well as other useful new features.

She continued her remarks in the post:

“Last week, we welcomed zcash to the coin family on Circle Invest. Today, we continue to grow our coin collection by supporting monero as our new listed crypto asset. This brings our investable crypto assets to a total of 7 coins, making Circle Invest one of the only platforms you can invest instantly and seamlessly in the widest breadth of coins by using your bank account.”

There is a clear indication that XRP produced by Ripple will support the application in practice, but no clear explanation has been made so far.

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