LINE Will Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

Big technology companies choose to keep their attitudes about own currencies. Many large companies continue their work on the way to extract their crypto money; the number of these companies is increasing day by day and seems to continue to increase. Finally, LINE , one of the biggest technology companies in the Far East, took an important step towards removing its own crypto money.

LINE will Reward Users

This event had a great resonance after the telegram had made public the developments about the ICO that it planned to do. Although the Telegram then canceled ICO, other major technology companies have begun to take a more active role in this area. Especially those companies aiming to extract their own crypto money to be used in the ecosystem have started to take care of this business. This system will be a more direct method of interacting with users.both sides would come to work.

LINE was the last company to take this step. The company, one of the biggest messaging giants in the Far East market, plans to release a crypto money in the near future. It is stated that this crypto, which will be known by the name of LINE Q , will be used on the platform and its main purpose is to be given as a reward for the users who participate and interact with the system.

At this stage, the company avoids giving too much information about the crypt money LINE Q but many reports in the past have claimed that LINE plans to create its own Blockchain on its way out of its own crypto money.

It makes a lot of sense to make a crypto money to work on your own Blockchain.

While it is stated that this will bring a new breath to the already functioning order of the company and increase the company’s reputation, it is not quite right at this stage to talk about the long term success of the system.

Contrary to what many expect, this crypto money that LINE plans to release will not be distributed to any ICO end-user, at least not on the agenda for now. It is stated that the main purpose here is to reward users and use this token. Company indicates that they do not target any additional earnings, either by way of ICO or by issuing crypto money; the main aim is to provide a real service rather than making money.

LINE CTO Park Euivin said:

“Even though Google is a giant company and has many technical strengths . . . LINE has over 200 million messenger users as well as abundant service application experience[s] which can give us a competitive edge in the blockchain industry”

The success of LINE up to this point is that people can not deny it. The company succeeded in passing the first quarter of 2018 very well; value adds value and profitability continues to top speed. It is stated that the company will continue to grow with the increase of the dosing of the work done for the crypto money and the blockchain industry. LINE, the shining star of the Far East market, is about to open a crypto money market. The license application is expected to be serviced at the end of the year, while the Japanese Financial Services Authority is waiting for the approval of the application.

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