Ex-Football Star Michael Owen Releases His “OWN” Private Crypto Money

Former football star Michael James Owen released his own personal crypto currency named”OWN” . He thinks that people will pay 7.50 pounds for this coin and it gives opportunity to the fans to buy fan materials directly from him.

In addition to this, a lucky fellow will have the chance to personally meet and live with him during one of Michael Owen’s live training videos. OWN will be available in training programs and soccer training centers that Michael Owen is doing.

The 38-year- old former British National Team player was in major clubs such as Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, Newcastle United, and Stoke City .

“Pundi X , ” the crypto currency’s point-of-sale maker, recently made a redemption announcement for its tokens, which shed light on a new partnership deal with Michael Owen and helped Owen develop crypt money called ‘Owen Coin’. The OWN coin will be available at retail outlets equipped with Pundi X’s point of sale features.

When a journalist asked Michael Owen if he fully understood the risks and variability of crypto money, he gave the following response:

“Cryptocurrency could possibly be quite a dangerous field to go in. Cryptocurrencies are going to be the future, he is certain about that.”

Pundi’s CEO and founding partner X Zac Cheah commented on this:

“The rate of cryptocurrency adoption has grown exponentially among Millennials in last few years. The celebrity tokens will gain fame and high interest. I’m a football fan and I would love to purchase the OWN coin token when it is released.”

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