The Exclusivity of Electroneum (ETN)

    Electroneum (ETN) has its pros and cons but it is so hard to miss even in the face of the constant drama of the cryptocurrency market.

    Electroneum has been seen to be one of the few coins noted to be managing to buoy up and maintain their stance as the price wars in the crypto market rages on. As analysts, traders and investors struggle to find a reason for this war and how to salvage their holdings, Electroneum is fast making into top discussions.

    Clearly, its debut in 2017 set up a chain of reactions amongst various classes in the crypto space with supporters picking out several pros of the coin and opponents taking up any upward price movement of the coin as a reason for the price slump in the market.

    Since it is initially forked from Monero, one could be tempted to lump the functionalities together. But as far as innovative projects go, Electroneum is set on a different path to Monero and is fast making waves in the face of crypto investors. This is why.

    Unbanked Movement

    One of the major positive points that could endear this coin to would-be investors remains its focus on mobility and that segment of the world’s population that goes unbanked.  The fact that majority of the world’s population have mobile phones was a point targeted by the coin’s development team.

    While mobile phones appear to be a common entity shared by the world’s population, it is however, not the same with banks. The fact that a portion of the world choose to remain unbanked is a plus to this coin.


    One point considered with this coin is the idea of mass movement. Plus the fact that mining in most altcoins takes a lot of hash power, hash rate and specialized computers has been established. With this coin, mining is easy that anyone with a mobile phone can do that.

    All the would-be miner needs is to install an app and the user would be able mine little considerable amounts of the tokens on a day-to-day basis.

    Reliable Payment System

    It is already established that the facilitation of alternative modes of payments and transactions in a digital world is perhaps the most important reason for the integration of altcoins.

    With the Instant Payment System an integral part of the ETN network, not only is payment and transaction rates faster but reliable and free. The ETN system provides an avenue for customers with remittance systems with different service providers use the Electroneum app transfer money.

    Admittance into Larger Circles

    One of the trending news in the crypto space is the addition of ETN to crypto exchange HitBTC’s platform. As such the possibility of mass adoption is expanded. It is also noteworthy that the coin had also been moved to KuCoin Plus Trading Area.


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