Progress March: HitBTC Lists Electroneum (ETN)

Clearly one of the coins still weathering the storm in the crypto market, Electroneum has moved one step forward with the recent announcement by its development team.

As the crypto market experiences yet another bloodbath with cryptocurrencies struggling to remain afloat, Electroneum seems to be one of the rare cryptocurrencies that appears to be making headway.

It would appear that Electroneum is focused on remaining afloat as the development team at Hong Kong-based crypto exchange, HitBTC announced in a tweet that the coin had just been added to their platform.

“Dear traders, we are happy to welcome @electroneum $ETN, the mobile-based cryptocurrency providing a digital payment solution to the developing world, on our platform. Trading for ETN/BTC is now available.”

Listing to Advance Mass Adoption

The possibility of the addition of ETN to HitBTC first came to light in January 2018 when ETN founder, Richard Ells, announced their intention.

“[…] Our users have inspired us with their belief in the Electroneum project” he said. “HitBTC is the perfect exchange for us because the team behind it mirror our passion for pushing cryptocurrency to the next level” he added.

True to form, Electroneum was majorly developed, in 2017, as a mobile-based currency created to overcome the scalability issues presented by older altcoins. The currency gained an edge in the market through its unique mobile mining app.

As such, the availability of the coin to its users was made easier because all needed by its to-be miners is a smartphone with the app. By strategically partnering with huge telecommunications companies and exchanges, the ETN team had hoped to advance into mass adoption.

According to reports, over 2.7 million people are using the mining app and plans for advanced integration are being made by the ETN development team. Especially with the financial world edging towards a digital economy, the coin is aimed towards proffering possible and easy payment solutions.

In light of this, the new addition and pairing by HitBTC appears to be a welcomed move as the coin’s CEO, Richard Ells expressed his enthusiasm about it by stating that the listing meant a move towards accomplishment.

Richard Ells further pointed out that the addition meant that the coin will now be available for a wider range of audiences and in turn, continue remaining afloat amidst the constant price fall storm in the market.

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