Zilliqa to Release First Version of Smart Contract Language

With the Zilliqa community sizzling with anticipation since the announcement of the date of the coin’s mainnet launch, further progress for the coin is anticipated as the team sets to release the first version of their dev language, Scilla.

Zilliqa to release Programming Language

It is no news that the major issue faced by the top market players, Bitcoin and Ethereum is their transaction speeds. Though Ethereum is reported to be relatively better in terms of transaction rates and smart contracts, there are still major issues to be conquered by its blockchain.

This was seen as incentive for the development of Zilliqa (ZIL) which upon full development is expected to process transactions at rates way higher than that of Ethereum. Hence, in line with the mainnet launch scheduled for January 2019, the development team is set to launch the first version of the coin’s programming language, Scilla.

Mainly designed as a form of smart contract for the coin, the Smart Contract Intermediate-Level Language (SCILLA) was designed to facilitate easy adoption by developers. According to reports, Scilla is fashioned in a simpler programming language and as such, cannot higher-level languages.

Majorly Zilliqa’s mode of operation is designed to divide its mining process into smaller shards which will in turn process each transaction equivalently. This process, known as sharding, will be integrated into the project’s mainnet.

This implies that the scalability issue that has plagued older altcoins will be easily solved as the new technology will allow the processing of transactions and smart contracts equivalently across different shards on the network. This, of course means faster transaction rates.

The Mainnet Launch

With the development team at Zilliqa aiming towards improvement of security and scalability issues faced by other coins, the team confirmed that the product’s mainnet launch will be in January 2019.

This implies that Zilliqa will be operating with its own blockchain which is one major step towards making waves in the volatile crypto market. The team had earlier released web extension wallet services.

According to previous reports, one of the extensions is equipped to send the Zilliqas (ZIL) over the Scilla testnet. With the other wallets are fashioned to work in like capacity albeit not yet in full capacity, they are expected to provide full services in the future upon subsequent update.


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