1.4 Update won’t be taking Longer- Cardano Founder

With the market gearing up towards the release of the much anticipated update, Charles Hoskinson, CEO at IOHK and founder of Cardano (ADA) has expatiated on the development of the upcoming upgrade to Cardano.

Speaking at an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on youtube done recently, the Cardano founder gave detailed answers to questions asked about the coin’s anticipated update. He also gave details about Icarus and the Daedalus wallet in relation to the upgrades done on ADA.

Cardano 1.4 Shaping up

With the news of the upcoming 1.4 Update fully established and the market in a high anticipatory mood, Hoskinson explained that the update was in its testing stage.

“The update 1.4 for Cardano is coming along well and we’re in regression testing right now. We’ve had a few regressions but nothing significant is found yet and it’s a lot of new code.” He pointed out. “There has been a huge amount of refactoring on the core, and we’ve found new database solutions.”

He further pointed out that the refactoring and solutions found are set to reduce the need for heavy storage. This conclusively meant that there will be a major advancement in efficiency. He also discussed the variations in the codes of the Daedalus wallet in relation to their Rust and Haskel codes.

According to the ADA founder, the codes will being meshed together to become a “formally-verified code” to be subsequently used to work on migration to a new Icarus style. Thus, Cardano will be able to work with a Ledger wallet service.

On the subject of its release date, Hoskinson explained that extra care was being taken to design the Cardano ecosystem to accommodate the changes made. He, however, noted that the update launch should be expected by the end of November or early December.

This, according to him, was because the Cardano SL code was not originally designed to be used long term which meant detailed updates were necessitated. As such, the IOHK team had been working with lots of new codes to ensure there are no misalignments.

In light of this, the team had been taking in newer developers to ensure efficiency and the best functionality of the Cardano ecosystem and subsequent architectural twitches.

In terms of progress, Cardano has in recent months not only proven to be progressive but also one of the most stable coins in the volatile crypto market. With its current valuation at about $0.0463, analysts predict that it could steadily rise to $10 in the next year should its progress continue.

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