Bitcoin Cash Destroying The Crypto Market

The crypto market yesterday saw little increases in price as some coins traded in green against the US dollar. In this kind of situation, even the smallest shade of green should be given some importance. Unfortunately, due to the BCH fork war, the sentiment all of a sudden turned negative. The Project is now perceived by the whole crypto community as controversial. It was during the Bitcoin Cash fork war, that it entered the realm light.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Today – BCH / USD

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash drags the Cryptocurrency Market Down

Bitcoin Cash, before the fork war on 15th November, was viewed as one of the very few cryptos worth investing in. However, the BCH community war caused investor’s good will towards the coin to change negatively after it resulted into the splitting of Bitcoin fork into BCHSV and BCH.

Both Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV teams are striving to gain the public’s attention. However, the landscape of crypto investment still seems to be fragile. The BCH price pump that was created out of greed has now resulted into a bleed out. On a daily basis, the BCH price is shedding off. Craig Wright doesn’t seem to be ready to put a stop to the war anytime soon, because he has been making slick comments towards virtually every coin and everyone in the crypto industry. This led to short-term investors deserting the market.

For now, it is very difficult to tell what December holds. Investors who do not wish to sell-off can only patiently wait to see if the market will once again experience some positivity. Some experts have said that before any stability can be seen, we should expect worse scenarios and that the Bitcoin price will drop to as low as $3000. Currently, Bitcoin Cash and almost all the cryptocurrencies in the top ten are trading in red against the US dollar.



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