New CEO Wanted At Fintech Australia After Danielle Szetho Resigns

Danielle Szetho is no longer the Chief Executive officer at Fintech Australia. She has been in this position for almost two years and now the organization is hunting for a new executive lead while Sarah Worboys, a former accountant at chartered, will take the interim CEO position beginning March 19, 2018. Worboys has been leading strategy and operations at peer-to-peer invoice financier Timelio from Melbourne.

Through an email, she said that it was such an honor to work at the organization as the primeval CEO and to have participated in its young stages of growth. She has been a perpetrator of constructive transitioning of policy and growth of the entire industry.

In her short-lived term, Fintech Australia has moved from a mere dream to an industry organization which has successfully instilled the ideas of Fintech all over the country. Realistic and positive transformations have been seen in various sectors including open data, crowdfunding, and regulation of cryptocurrency.

The firm started with fifty-two founders only but today, it has over two hundred members who have established solid networks over a broad assortment of regulatory and policy-making bodies. During her tenure, Fintech Australia established impeccable international relationships that have supported and expanded the Fintech fraternity.

Szetho asserts that the time for the second CEO is now. It is time to drive the organization to a higher level particularly at this point when the industry is blossoming. The former product manager at Fairmax Media looks forward to taking a break before she takes her next role. She will ensure that the policy leads and board have the necessary support as Fintech Australia transitions to the next phase with the new CEO.

The chairman, Stuart Stoyan refers to Danielle’s departure as a loss to the company and thanks for the enthusiasm she brought to Fintech; always front and center in transforming Australia into a tip-top Fintech ecosystem. She will be remembered for unmatched outcomes through the support of a few members such as:

  • Minimizing the limitations of the launching of digital challenger banks
  • The establishment of ASIC regulatory sandbox
  • Establishment of equity crowdfunding in Australia
  • The initiative towards a self-regulatory policy for unsecured tiny ventures in the Fintech industry
  • Elimination of double taxes on goods and services traded through digital currencies
  • Establishment of consumer data right that ushers in open banking in Australia

Those who wish to apply for the new CEO position must submit their applications beforeFriday, March 23, 2018. Fintech Australia is looking for a CEO that will passionately drive the industry to a higher notch. What a wonderful executive opportunity in the greatest startup sector of Australia!

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