BITCOIN CASH CRASH: Is Bitcoin Cash Dead? How Will Bitcoin Cash Fork Affect the BCH Prediction in 2019?

Bitcoin Cash started the month of November with collecting over 50% of gains in the course of less than a week, also announcing a hard fork that was supposed to split the chain in two.

The hard fork took place as scheduled on November 15th and the chain did split in two which brought Bitcoin SV to the crypto scene.

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Bitcoin Cash in the meanwhile started to drop, soon losing over -50% of its value in a single week due to the rough November dips that came only a day before the hard fork took place.

That is how Bitcoin Cash soon dropped from trading at the value of 620$ at the beginning of November to being valued at 182$ after the latest rises acquired with the present rebound in the last 24 hours.

Is Bitcoin Cash dead and how will Bitcoin Cash fork affect the BCH prediction in 2019?

Bitcoin Cash Crashing Since the Hard Fork: Is BCH Dead?

At this point, Bitcoin cash is losing over -24% of its value in the course of the last seven days.  Since the beginning of the month, BCH lost nearly -60%, which means that BCH went down from the price of 620$ to its current price of around 180$ in less than a month.

This momentum is indicating that BCH is crashing, probably due to the fact that BCH had its first hard fork that resulted in splitting the chain.

Even though Bitcoin SV was ranked below 1700th spot on the list of live trading cryptocurrencies two weeks ago when the fork took place, BSV went up by over 94% in a weekly bull run, also rising by 11% on November 27th when the rest of the market was dipping which brought it to the price of 114$.

BCH was dipping at the time, however, Bitcoin Cash is able to acquire over 4% of gains in the last 24 hours, while BSV is dropping by over -13% within the same timeframe.

Still, regardless of the latest gains, BCH seems to be away from getting back to the value of over 600$ as it was recorded before the dip.

How Will Bitcoin Cash Affect the BCH Prediction in 2019?

It appears that despite the enthusiasm behind the team Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Cash went down with the hard fork taking place on November 15th.

However, Bitcoin Cash wasn’t the only crypto dropping at the time, so the currency was able to keep the ranking of the 4th largest cryptocurrency, losing its spot to Stellar (XLM) only briefly on November 27th.

Some predictions indicate that BCH will enter 2019 at one of its lowest prices, not only due to the hard fork, but also because it is considered that the current dips will prolong to the next year as well.

If this is the case, BCH could even go down to the price of 70$, with its highest predicted price of around 160$ in 2019.

On the other hand, more enthusiastic predictions claim that when the transition process after the fork is settled and the investors start to accept the newly updates BCH, the price of Bitcoin Cash could go from 500$ to 1,050$ in 2019.

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