EOS Price Prediction For 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2025: Will EOS Fulfil The Expectations Of Holders Or Fail?

EOS has got some relief from the November dips despite the fact that for some weeks now, the market has been heavily dropping.

Somehow, EOS took back its position as the market’s 5th largest crypto, pushing off Stellar (XLM) to the sixth spot. On 26th November, the market had the opportunity to take a massive rebound, but once again all cryptocurrencies including EOS dropped.

The success of EOS in the market is considered to depend on dApp development on EOS network, so will the cryptocurrency fulfil the expectation of holders’ or fail?

EOS Price Today – EOS / USD

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EOS Price Prediction 2018

EOS is currently trades at 3.15$ where it dropped from its $22 all-time high in the 11 month period.

Since EOS reached its all-time high, it has dropped by more than -86%, however a good number of people feel that EOS, with its technology, will be able to take a rebound.

By the time 2018 ends, EOS might most likely see an increase in momentum, which should see it reach $6 as its minimum price and maximum price at $8.

EOS Price Prediction 2019

If EOS successfully enters 2019 with the price of $8, then this would most likely be its lowest value throughout the year. The highest price EOS could possibly reach in 2019 would then be $15 per unit, while the price throughout 2019 will range from $8 – $15.

EOS Price Prediction 2020

EOS could start year 2020 at $11, if the crypto successfully attracts more developers to its network. EOS, if driven by positive momentum, could rise above $20, reaching its all-time high once again.

EOS Price Prediction 2025

2025 predictions for EOS will be positive if EOS successfully establishes its network as one of the top blockchain platforms for dApp developers. In six years’ time, EOS might reach the price of $500 per unit

Prediction for 6 years from now indicates that EOS might hit the price of 500$ per one unit. With this, it will have the same momentum ETH had at the beginning, although at a slower pace.



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