NEO Price Prediction 2018-2025: Will the Price of NEO Rise Or Fall In Years To Come?

Initially, NEO was referred to as Antshares, but later it was changed to rebrand. NEO, which is based in China, is focused at improving the smart contracts Blockchain model.

NEO can also be referred to as the Chinese Ethereum, but what differentiates it from Ether is the fact that it aims to build a smart economy that creates a proof of ownership model and digitizes assets. Another feature that differentiates it is its programming languages.

NEO is built on JavaScript, Python and C++, so they can easily start writing smart contracts. One interesting point to note here is that, the subdivision of NEO tokens is impossible. NEO’s smallest amount is one NEO and nothing less.

(NEO) NEO Price Today – NEO / USD

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Past Performances of NEO

When NEO was referred to as Antshares, it was just $0.18 cents per token. Since then, it increased to a high $162.11 on January 30th 2018. According to CoinMarketCap, NEO is ranked 17th, and currently trades at $8.41.

NEO Price Prediction for 2018

We have several price predictions for NEO for 2018. However, three experienced traders have given their price predictions which seems to conflict. The first is from Kryptowavetrader, which he refers to as the “$12 range hope.”

According to his prediction, NEO could fall to $12. He feels this would happen because NEO is clearly taking the path of Ethereum’s price pattern.

The second prediction was made by Coinkilavuz. This prediction is known as “shorting all the way to $3.74”. He feels the crypto world is currently filled with a lot of bearish speculations. He backed this up by saying that this shorting to $3.7 will only occur if the NEO coin doesn’t break the $21.2 mark.

The last price prediction was that made by BitcoinCompass. This prediction is referred to as “the double bottom play.” He predicted that NEO can either drop to $17.7 or get to $19.5.

NEO Price Prediction: 2019 to 2025

In a year’s time – 2019, the price of 1 NEO can amount to about $16.33 and by 2020, should get to $20.61.

Three years from now – 2021, the price of NEO might fall to $20.07 and in 2022, reduce even further to $17.22.

In 2023, NEO’s price should be around $13.31 and in 6 and 7 years from now i.e. 2024 and 2025, the price of NEO should be around $34.82 and $39.75 respectively.



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