XRP Price Prediction for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2025: Will Ripple’s XRP Touch Its All-time High or Settle with New Lows?

XRP has had an amazing run back at the beginning of the dip that started out in November 2018 as XRP was able to collect some significant rises also dropping at a slower rate than its peers.

That is how XRP made it to the second place on the list of top currencies, where we can still see it as it appears that Ripple’s crypto took the spot of the second-largest crypto permanently at this point.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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However, after having 48 hours to take a surge and attempt to recover from the dips, XRP is still under the value of 0.40$ per one unit, traded at the price of 0.37$.

That raises some questions on whether XRP will be able to get back to its all-time high in the following years and months or settle with new lows.

XRP Price Prediction for 2018

After climbing to the second spot on the list of live trading cryptocurrencies, we can now see XRP dropping at barely -2% with the divided market where some cryptos are dipping while the other part of the market is still rising, including Bitcoin (BTC) collecting gains for three days in a row now.

XRP is currently at the value of 0.37$, while its highest price for December 2018 is expected to be around the value of 0.50$ to where XRP was at before the dips began in November.

The lowest price the crypto could face in the next four weeks would hopefully be 0.40$, although it may occur that XRP goes down below 0.40$ in December as well.

 XRP Price Prediction for 2019

In 2019, it is expected as stated by Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO and founder of Ripple Labs and XRP, that more banks will be using XRP and xRapid product in oppose to only three financial institutions using the XRP-driven product by Ripple company.

In case Brad Garlinghouse’ prediction turns out to be true, XRP might be seeing new heights in the market in 2019, however, less enthusiastic predictions indicate that XRP might even go below 0.30$ in the upcoming year as more dips are predicted to take place.

The more optimistic forecast for XRP implies that the second-largest cryptocurrency may touch the value of 0.80$ as its highest price for the year.

XRP Price Prediction for 2020

In case XRP doesn’t see any significant improvements in the next two years as far as the adoption of the currency concerned, XRP might continue to trade under and around the price of 0.30$ in 2020 as well.

However, in case that action is taken to bring XRP to a more benevolent status in the world of banking and financial institutions, XRP might be looking at the top price of 0.95$ in 2020, settling for the lowest value of above 0.50$.

XRP Price Prediction for 2025

It is presumed that the most realistic prediction for XRP in 2025 would be seeing XRPN back at its all-time high of over 3$ per one unit.

Some analysts indicate that by the time 2025 arrives, depending on the previous years in the cryptocurrency market, Ripple’s currency may even go above the value of 3$ with the potential of reaching a new all-time high.

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