Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2025: Will the Latest BCH Fork Send Bitcoin Cash to Oblivion or to the Moon?

Bitcoin Cash started November with acquiring more than flattering gains against the fiat despite the fact that the market was divided by gaining and dropping currencies at the time.

After collecting over 50% of gains, BCH was even prompter in losing as much, while going towards a major dip.

That is how Bitcoin Cash dropped from the price of over 600$ at which it entered November, to its current value of 179$ after the latest dips.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Today – BCH / USD

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

During November 28th and November 29th, the cryptocurrency market was seen in a strong rebound, including BCH, however, two days later and Bitcoin Cash is dropping once again to touch the value below 180$.

At the same time, it is considered that BCH is suffering from the mentioned drops, not only because of the bear market trends but also due to the Bitcoin Cash hard fork that took place two weeks ago.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2018

The more severe drops of Bitcoin Cash were noted precisely when the hard fork officially took place on November 15th, sending the crypto to new lows with the arriving dips and its first hard fork that split the chain in two.

While we can see the opposing currency Bitcoin SV (BSV), derived from the BCH chain, rising up by over 154% in the course of the last week, Bitcoin Cash is dropping by nearly -5% on the last day of November, also marking -15% of losses in the last 7 days.

Although the state in the market improved for BCH in the last seven days, the major losses can be seen on its biweekly chart where BCH is losing almost -60% of its value.

At this pace, it is considered that BCH might dip further in December to touch the value of below 100$, with its highest presumed value being 240$.

More enthusiastic predictions claim that BCH could even touch 500$ to 700$ in December 2018, ending the month at 550$.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2019

IN case the bear market continues to create new obstacles for cryptocurrencies, BCH might be seeing new lows in 2019, trading between the value of 80$ and 210$.

More optimistic forecast claims that BCH will commence its recovery in 2019, touching the value of 1500$ as its top price while the lowest value is set at around 400$.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2020

The most enthusiastic prediction for 2020 is indicating that BCH might benefit from the latest fork, implying that Bitcoin Cash could reach the top price of over 6000$ per one BCH, while its lowest price would be 1300$ in this case scenario.

More realistic expectations from 2020 based on the present trends in the market are to see BCH at the value of 250$ as its maximum price, away from its all-time high of nearly 4000$.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2025

In the worst case scenario, Bitcoin Cash is said to be able to reach the value of above 1000$ in the next 6 to 7 years, while the more optimistic predictions claim that BCH could get past its all-time high by far extending the potential value of 6000$ to new heights.

However, one has to note that various factors may be affecting the market by the time 2025 arrives, so it would make it a rather difficult task to predict the distant future of BCH outside the present trends in the market.

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