Leading Wallet Service, Ledger, Updates Wallet to Support Monero (XMR)

Ledger has now updated its service to support the Monero GUI 0.13 and hopes to expand services to other cryptocurrencies.

Leading wallet service and blockchain innovator, Ledger, has announced that its development team has updated its wallet, Ledger Nano S, to accommodate privacy-centric coin, Monero. Announced via a blog, the twitch was done such that the privacy-focused coin is now more secure.

In light of this recent development, CEO at Ledger, Eric Larcheveque, commented on the integration of the cryptocurrency on to the Ledger platform. He explained that the future developments will not stop with Monero. He went on to say that the platform will be supporting more digital assets in the future.

“We are thrilled to welcome another top-ten cryptocurrency to the Ledger platform with Monero.” He said. “With this addition, Ledger devices now cover 90% of the entire crypto the entire crypto market capitalization. We will continue to support more crypto assets in the future, both through our own developments and with CryptoTuesday, our monthly release of apps developed by our credible community.” He added.

The wallet, Ledger Nano S is integrated upon a unique operating system, BOLOS, which is further programmed into an EAL5+ certified chip. Built on a solid tamper-proof platform, the chips is adapted such that applications and data of sorts are easily hosted and handled.

The team announced that users can now download the Monero app for installation via Ledger Nano S. With Ledger hardware wallets built to isolate private keys from unauthorised personnels and Monero developed for anonymity, the wallet is adjusted such that there are no conflicts of features.

Edge Wallet Integrates Monero’s Ring CT to Support Bulletproofs

With Monero at the forefront of anonymity and privacy in the crypto world, its integration unto Ledger Nano S is not the only positive push for the coin. As previously reported, wallet service, Edge recently added support for Monero (XMR).

With Monero doctored by Ring Confidential Transactions, the wallet service announced that it will now use Monero’sRing CT to support bulletproofs, thus, expanding their range of services.

Bulletproofs are described as cryptographic information designed to advance security and privacy in digital transactions. Bulletproofs assume the role of a mini-compressor in virtual transactions.

As such, privacy is enhanced and transaction sizes are decreased. This, in turn, means that transaction costs are reduced and scalability issues are solved without losing the integrity of the transactions.

With these projects in place for Monero, it is obvious that the coin is aimed towards mass adoption and advancements in the future despite what the crypto market says now.

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