NEM (XEM) Price Prediction for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2025: Will NEM Fall Wide of the Mark or Keep Scoring Rises?

Despite the fact that the crypto market has been drawn into a major dip during the last several weeks within the mass dip that was brought by November already at the second week, NEM is now able to show positive returns in the last week.

That is how NEM entered December with 20% of gains in the course of the last seven days, also rising by nearly 1% on the 2nd of December with the recovering market.

However, despite the rises, NEM is still -95% down since making its all-time high of around 1.80$ back in January which could make a full recovery a bit challenging in the upcoming months and years.

Will NEM fall wide of the market or keep scoring rises towards the full recovery?

NEM (XEM) Price Prediction for 2018

At the beginning of December, NEM is seen at 20% of gains in the course of the last seven days, while it is rising by almost 1% on the second day of December.

However, the recent dips in November have pulled NEM down by -16% in the last two weeks, making it a bit difficult for XEM to get back to the price of 0.11$ which was the price of NEM recorded at the beginning of November.

At this point, NEM is trading at the value of 0.077$ from its highest price of 1.80$ as recorded back in January 2018.

NEM (XEM) Price Today – XEM / USD

Name Price24H (%)

At the present pace of growth, NEM is said to touch another low of 0.05$ by the end of December in the worst case scenario or rise by its top price of 0.10$.

Optimistic predictions indicate that NEM could get to the minimum price of 0.20$ while the highest expected price in the best case scenario would be 0.40$.

NEM (XEM) Price Prediction for 2019

In case 2019 would present the continuation of bear trends that the market had seen in 2018, NEM could see new lows which means that it could drop to the value of 0.03$ while touching the maximum price of 0.07$ in the worst case scenario.

The more enthusiastic forecast indicates that NEM will rise to see the minimum of 0.29$ in 2019 and the maximum value of over 0.50$ by the end of the year.

NEM (XEM) Price Prediction for 2020

NEM might finally see a more serious rebound in 2020 in case the bear trends take a pause from posing dips to cryptos in the market.

In the worst case scenario, NEM is said to be unable to go above the price of 0.03$ in 2020, while other analyses indicate that the crypto would be able to touch new highs with 0.38$ as its lowest price and 0.69$ as its highest value.

NEM (XEM) Price Prediction for 2025

It is presumed that by the year 2025, the crypto market should be able to acquire more stable pace of growth, while also indicating that the valuable cryptocurrency projects would be able to get ahead of more price surges.

IN this case scenario, NEM could rise by 800% during a year, which would enable the crypto to get back to its all-time high and potentially go above the value of 2$.


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