Aeternity Goes Live with Next-gen Blockchain Platform

Open-source smart contracts blockchain protocol, aeternity, takes a step closer to mainstream adoption with first live integration of its next-generation blockchain and user-friendly system, Roma.

Roma, released at a launching ceremony in Rome, was announced by the aeternity team as a unique set of technological solutions to looming scalability issues faced by blockchain. This next-gen blockchain was created as a platform for the creation of other decentralized applications.

According to a press release by the aeternity team, Roma was developed as a decentralized network adapted to the aeternity programming language, Sophia. This adaptation meant that subsequent interactions by miners, developers and users with the live version is made possible and can be done through Sophia.

Roma: Milestone in Blockchain Industry

In light of this development, aeternity founder, Yanislav Malahov, pointed out that the new system launch marked a milestone in the blockchain industry. True to form, the reality of the ICO landscape and blockchain-based digital assets remains scalability being a plaguing issue.

The aeternity founder highlighted that with Roma, these issues are easily solved without compromising the integrity of transactions and losing the decentralization focused on in the crypto space.

“After two years’ hard work, aeternity has created a system that delivers on the original promise of enabling faster transactions without sacrificing rich functionality and decentralization.” He said. “The protocol is based on an entirely new architecture that builds on the lesson learned over the past ten years of blockchain-focused research.”

According to the Aeternity team, Roma will work based on a consensus mechanism, BitcoinNG, developed by a team of researchers in Cornell University. Incorporated with Sophia-based state channels technology, Roma is developed to allow off-chain transactions and smart contracts.

The network is also developed to adapt to faster transaction rates without losing the security and reliability of the transactions and network. Subsequently, with the Aeternity reference node, Epoch, in place, throughput and full integrity is promised.


Aeternity set to achieve mainstream adoption

As with cryptocurrencies in general, aeternity is aiming towards mainstream adoption and with Roma providing solutions to scalability issues and continuously working towards advancement, it would seem that it is not far off from actualizing that goal.

Yanislav pointed out the project is community-oriented and is aimed towards developers and teams that will subsequently work on the security of the system while being rewarded with the Aeternity token (AE).

According to a press release by the company, the next few months will be eventful for the Aeternity community as various Aeternity Starfleet-supported startups projects will be launching the first decentralized applications on the network.

This will, in line, help with the development of the Aeternity ecosystem while “testing the commercial viability of various blockchain use cases.


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