Forex Platform Launches Crypto Trading

Software developer Kx Systems’ white-label forex trading platform Kx for Flow will now also be able to trade crypto money. Kx for Flow customers will now be able to conduct trade for crypto money such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ripple.

US-based Kx Systems is a company that supplies high-performance software to its clients including global investment banking groups such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley .

HTML5 FX-based trading platform, Kx for Flow, allows customers to create liquidity pools and share price information about the market.

The platform is working with liquidity sources such as banks, precious metals and now crypto money.

Rich Kiel, who is in charge of the Forex Solutions unit of Kx, said the company’s crypto-banking platform adds one more step that comes from customers’ demand and that the company was “inundated with ‎interest in crypto. Kiel said:

“As with most ‎leading trading technology providers we have been inundated with ‎interest in crypto. When you sift through the noise the interest from ‎mainstream financial services firms to begin trading cryptocurrencies ‎has been growing and we are delivering this solution to meet the ‎current and future needs of our clients.”‎

 Kiel’s comments on customer requests remind us of comments made by Rana Yared of Goldman Sachs executives. Yared also indicated that interest and demand from customers as the reason behind the gradual transition of Goldman Sachs to the crypto money trade.

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