OKEx’s CEO Resigns

Chris Lee, CEO of OKEx, one of the world’s most popular offshore tradesmen, left his post.

OKEx, previously name OKCoin, is now the world’s largest trading volume crypto money market. This position usually goes to leading market  Binance, but OKEx is the leader, now with a trade volume of over 2 billion dollars on a 24 hour basis.These two markets are in a race that they follow each other. Recent days OKEx  declared to opening an Office in Malta after Binance did.

However, it should be noted that the trade volumes of OKEx are causing some controversy. About two weeks before that, the price of Bitcoin on OKEx was $ 2,000 lower than the other stock exchange, causing people to worry about possible market manipulation. OKEx has denied some of those claims that have emerged as a result of these worries and temporarily suspended futures contracts to offset the Bitcoin price.

In March of this year, a name from the crypto money industry said that a large part of the trade volumes on OKEx were ‘artificial’ and offered some examples to people.

Chris Lee, CEO of OKEx, announced his resignation with an e-mail to Bloomberg. Lee apparently left his job to “start a new life” . He wrote in the mail that it was an honor to work at OKEx, and after spending some time with his family he would return to the blockchain industry. He did not show any reason for his resignation.

The Hong Kong-based cryptographic exchange OKEx has not yet made an announcement about who will pass Chris Lee’s chair.

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