Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Analysis: Where is ZIL Headed towards the Beginning of 2019? Will Zilliqa Rise With the Release of Mainnet or Keep Dipping With Bear Trends?

Zilliqa is most certainly one of the top prominent blockchain projects in the market although the project itself is still not even one year old, said to be at the very beginning of its developmental stages. Zilliqa brought Sharding to the cryptoverse, that way demonstrating the power of the protocol that creates smaller portions of a blockchain network, called shards. Shards will not only make sure that the time needed for  transactions is significantly cut to meet standards of top blockchain networks and protocols, but is also said to be able to save on the computing power. Although ZIL, a Singaporean blockchain project pitched and managed by academics, revealed the concept of Sharding, the project still needs to implement the protocol in the upcoming mainnet the team behind ZIL is currently working on. The mainnet should be out in January 2019, so many ZIL holders and investors believe that Zilliqa could see significant price improvements at the time of the mainnet launch. Will Zilliqa rise with the mainnet launch or will it keep dipping with bear trends?

Zilliqa (ZIL) to Release the Mainnet in 2019: Will ZIL Rise or Fall in January 2019?

 The team behind Zilliqa previously announced the release of ZIL mainnet for the end of the third quarter of 2018. However, the team postponed the release for the first quarter of 2019, stating that the mainnet should be officially launched in January the next year, which is at this point only weeks away. Although many fans and holders are disappointed with the postponement of the mainnet launch, the team stated that they need more time to complete the mainnet before it is released for public testing. Zilliqa is for now going down by -25% against the fiat in the course of the last week, also losing -94% of its value in the course of only 7 months since reaching its all-time high of 0.23$ back in May. Now when ZIL is traded at the value of 0.013$, it is obvious that the crypto lost a great part of its value due to dips. Since ZIL was released after the entire market was able to skyrocket towards record prices back in December 2017 and January 2018, the crypto wasn’t able to score its all-time high until May when the effects of the frequent bear trends could already be noted. Even though the release of the mainnet is a huge deal for any crypto, we will remember that VeChain Thor (VET) although one of the top projects, didn’t get to see any significant price improvements upon rebranding and releasing the mainnet.

Blockchain Events Seem to Have No Positive Effects on the Crypto Market Prices

During the major dip many cryptocurrencies have recorded some major announcements regarding new listings, integrations, and partnerships; however, it seems that the bear trends are too strong to allow any positive event to take effect on the cryptocurrency prices. That is how it is considered that ZIL might not see any significant price movement in January with the mainnet release, able to go further from 0.03$ in case the bear trends don’t switch to gains.    
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