Waves (WAVES) Price Analysis: Waves One of the Rare Gaining Cryptos – Will it Continue to Rise or Will it Drop with the next Wave of Dips?

It appears that the bear markets can filter out a gainer after all if it is to judge by the performance of Waves (WAVES). Waves is ranked as the 32nd-largest cryptocurrency and as such appeared to be vulnerable to the dips with the rest of the declining top trading cryptocurrencies on the list of top 50 coins. However, with the release of a new mobile wallet update for Waves, the crypto seemed to have gotten a price push factor that made Waves rise towards the price of 2.30$ on December 5th, swiftly continuing to rise despite the fact that the rest of the top trading currencies are showing negative returns on the weekly charts.

Waves One of the Top Traders of the Week

Waves is easily one of the top traders in the crypto market during the last two weeks of dips, where the crypto collected over 50% of gains in only two weeks. This case enabled Waves to keep its price above 1$, although it is still obvious that WAVES is down by over -90% since making it to its record price of 16$ back in December 2017. What is the main factor behind the acquired stability of Waves in the midst of the dipping market and will WAVES continue to rise till the end of 2018 or drop with the next wave of dips?

Waves (WAVES) Releases New Mobile Wallet Update: Rises by Over 55% in the Last Two Weeks

On December 5th with the release of a new mobile wallet update for WAVES, the price of Waves ion the market showed a bullish return having WAVES rising towards the price of 2.30$. Several days later, the crypto dropped and went below the value of 2$, probably driven by stubborn bear trends , however, on December 9th as the cryptocurrencies are showing positive activity in the last several hoursbut still dipping in the last 24 hours, WAVES is rising by over 7%. Additionally, the crypto is marking 11% of gains in the course of the last 7 days, as well as 55% in the period of the last two weeks.That is how WAVES is definitely one of the top gaining currencies on the list of the 50 top trading cryptos in the last two weeks. At this pace of growth, WAVES could revisit the value of 3$or up by the end of 2018 and perhaps gain an additional positive momentum in order to be able to continue with rises in 2019 as well. Some predictions even indicate that WAVES could go on with the gains to touch a value of over 8$ by the end of 2019.

The Latest Mobile Wallet Update Pushing the Price of WAVES Up

It is considered that the main price pump factor for WAVES for precisely the latest mobile wallet update that the team announced on December 3rd. The new wallet for Waves comes with enhanced security features,where users are able to take advantage of Face ID, Touch ID and Fingerprint scanning for an improved safety. The team added a gateway for other cryptocurrencies as well,so functions like depositing, sending, receiving and trading is enabled for other assets besides Waves. DEX trading is also enabled directly from the mobile wallet with other superb features that make this update one of the biggest for Waves wallet by far. It appears that good news can still trigger gains in the market despite bear trends.
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