Dash (DASH) Not At Risk Of Shutdown, Says CEO

In the cryptocurrency bear market of 2018, the consortium backing the DASH altcoin (Dash Core Group – DCG), has been silent on a public stage, with little or no news concerning a project that was once over-hyped. This has led some skeptics, to tag the project as dead.

However, in a medium post released recently, DCG’S CEO Ryan Taylor – revealed that his startup is sustainable and will survive the crash in Bitcoin prices.

In the post, Taylor first gave some context to the recent collapse of cryptocurrencies, noting the Bitcoin Cash debacle as a major catalyst. The DCG chief then noted that a number of startups are likely “shutting down quietly, running on fumes, or burning through distressed ICO funds.” He then added that his firm does not fall into this unfortunate category.

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He exclaimed that: DCG “is not at risk of shutting down anytime soon,” neither is he worried of laying off a very good number of his staff, due to a “significant [capital/fiat] buffer” it has built up for itself to account for crypto’s enamorment with parabolic swings and killer drawdowns.

Through the following paragraphs, which were countless, the DASH proponent accentuated the logistics of DCG’s buffer, along with its operations so far and ambitions for the future. And while the topics covered varied wildly, an underlying theme of perseverance and survival was evidently referenced throughout Taylor’s post.

Even in tweets prior to the aforementioned blog, Taylor outlined why Dash’s ecosystem continues to boom. The industry savant drew attention to a number of developments, including booming DASH wallet download statistics, strong trading volume, and a recent successful network stress test.

Having this in mind, the well-known crypto advocate, wrote: “In short, the network keeps growing despite the price declines and the reduced speculation. Proud to see the strategy working on the metrics that determine long-term success. Heads down… we are getting there!”

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