Electroneum (ETN) Mining Update: Cloud Mining to be Tested on Apple iOS First

Electroneum’s cloud mining is set to make the mining process fairer and faster for the citizens of developing worlds.
In lieu of the recent mobile mining crash, Electroneum founder, Richard Ells has announced that the team will not be spending time in finding out the reason behind the crash. He stated that the team will instead continue to work on the subsequent projects lined up. Addressing the Electroneum community, Richard Ells, wrote that the team will be taking up time to work on the cloud mining. He also pointed out that they had spent hours trying to figure out the cause of the crash and will stop in favor of developing its cloud mining project.
“[…] unfortunately we’ve taken the decision that instead of spending time tracking down the bug (we spent dozens of man hours on that), the time is better spent racing to finish off a number of projects including cloud mining which will roll out as a much better replacement to the existing system.”

He stated that three more developers had been added to the team in preparation for the projects being worked on. He further explained that they had updated their user registration process and will reveal two other secret projects being worked on in February.

Cloud Mining will Make Mobile Mining Process Fairer

With the development of Electroneum aimed towards mass adoption, the team worked around targeting developing countries with its mobile mining. Richard Ells pointed out that in line with this, the cloud mining to be released soon will be aimed towards developing countries. According to the Electroneum founder, with the cloud mining, citizens of developing nations will be able to mine coins as efficiently as miners connected to the internet all through the day. He added that the first recipients of the cloud mining will be the Apple iOS users.
“[…]the first place we are going to test cloud mining is on our 10,000 BETA testersof iOS (i.e. we’ll roll out on Apple first). Once, they’ve tested it for a weekor so, we will launch the FULL APPLE APP!!! We’ve waited a LONG time for that!”
He stated that once the launch was underway, they would work on an Android update such that the Android community are not left out of cloud mining. He ended his announcement by extending an apology for the recent mining crash. He explained that the team were not only working on fixing the crash but improving the entire Electroneum ecosystem to ensure that there are no further issues.
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