OmiseGO Price Prediction for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2025: Will OmiseGO Manage to Acquire a Rebound in the Upcoming Period or Fall Below 1$?

OmiseGO is one of the most unique blockchain based   least within the list of top 30 cryptos, currently ranked as the 26th-largest cryptocurrency in the market. OmiseGO carries a great value as this platform based on Ethereum blockchain and its ERC20 type token OMG are working on enabling peer-to-peer open-source public financial systems, while interconnecting payment networks.

OmiseGO (OMG) Price Today – OMG / USD

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On December 10th as the majority of the cryptocurrencies are dropping or barely touching 1% of gains, OMG is climbing by 5%, trading at the price of around 1.40$ per one unit. Regardless of the latest gains, OMG is still seen in a decline on its weekly, monthly and YTD charts, dropping by nearly -60% in the last 30 days since the November dip started. Will OmiseGO be able to acquire a rebound in the upcoming period or will it sink below the value of 1$.

OmiseGO (OMG) Price Prediction for 2018

OmiseGo is trading by 5% at the beginning of the second week of December 2018; however, despite the latest bullish movement pulling OMG out of the crisis with slight gains, OMG is still dropping by -60% in the course of the last month. Additionally, although not one of the top losing currencies among the toppers, OmiseGO dipped by -16% in the course of a single week. It is considered that the last two days that brought rises to OMG are representing an introduction into the future gains of the token, so holders are expecting to see OMG at least back at the value of above 3$ by the end of the year, which is the price under which OmiseGO entered November dips. In order to do so, the token would need to score at least -60% of lost value in the next three weeks. However, it is more likely that the maximum value for 2018 would be 1.50$ to 2$.

OmiseGO (OMG) Price Prediction for 2019

More optimistic predictions for OMG token indicate that the token could rise to touch the minimum price of around 2$ per one unit, while the maximum price for OmiseGo in 2019 should be at least 4.3$. In case the next year, which is now only weeks away, brings more bear trends, OMG will have a hard time going above 1$, with the threat of dipping even below the initial value in extreme case scenarios.

OmiseGo (OMG) Price Prediction for 2020

It is presumed that 2020 will bring more vital trends in the market, which means that the cryptos could be looking at a rebound two years from now. In the case of bull trends, OMG might rise to see a minimum price of 6$ while the maximum price would take it pretty close to its record price of 25$, predicting that the value could go up to 20$ and above. The less optimistic forecast indicates that OMG might not be able to go above the price of 10$ even with bull trends on the rise.  

OmiseGo (OMG) Price Prediction for 2025

By 2025, OmiseGO could gain more momentum as there are plenty of milestones to be completed on their roadmap, which includes Hybrid PoS and Full PoS. These updates could provide a price boost for OMG in the future, taking it to new record prices or at least setting back to its previous all-time high of 25$.  
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