Nano (NANO) Price Predictions for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2025: Will NANO Keep Dipping Below 1$ or Gain More Positive Momentum in the Upcoming Period?

Currently ranked among the top 40 cryptocurrencies in the market, representing the 36th-largest digital asset, Nano was issued with the idea of representing an instant payment medium within a scalable system, also enabling peer-to-peer transactions across the blockchain. What might be the problem with Nano’s major decline from the record price of over 33$ to its current state where NANO went below the value of 1$, is the fact that the market has become overly saturated with blockchain projects that represent only a payment method. While the market saturation not matching the demand may represent one of the biggest problems that NANO has acquired since the period of price cuts started, the crypto lost over -97% of its value since marking the record price of 33$, having many investors worried about the future of NANO. How will Nano perform in the upcoming period? Will NANO keep dipping below 1$ to devaluation or will it acquire more positive momentum?

Nano (NANO) Price Predictions for 2018

Nano is currently seen in a decline on December 10thas the asset is dropping by barely -1% against the fiat, also showing signs of recovery in hourly changes where NANO is trying to acquire some gains against the fiat. The market had a chance to take a single day rebound, and it appears that the traces of slightly positive returns are still visible among the cryptos as there are more than several digital assets on the top list marking rises during the last 24 hours. NANO, on the other hand, is dropping below the initial valueof 1$. This price was considered somewhat a barrier of safety for the crypto as holders hoped that the barrier will keep NANO above the value of 1$, pushing it towards a recovery.

Nano (NANO)

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Nano (NANO)

However, NANO dropped further to touch a new low of around 0.86$. Even though Nano is not among the top losers of the week with -18% of lost value during the course of the last seven days, the crypto lost more than a half of its value in the course of the last month. The best case scenario implies that Nano might find an adequate push towards getting back to at least the price of 4$, however, it is less likely that Nano will be able to go further above 1$ in the following weeks.  

Nano (NANO) Price Prediction for 2019

It is considered that 2019 would be another year to bring bear trends to the market as the cryptocurrency market is yet to be formed,reformed and crystallized to host only those projects that can offer some value. In case Nano survives the cuts, in the best case scenario,the crypto will enter the year of 2019 at the value of 2$ and consequently acquire more gains to reach the price of 5$ to 5$ in 2019. In case the bear trends prevail, Nano will probably struggle around 2$ or even below 1$ during the entire year.

Nano (NANO) Price Prediction for 2020

In the course of the next 2 years, the cryptocurrency market is said to obtain more benevolent trends, which means that the cryptos might be able to revisit some highs during the year 2020. In the case of Nano, the more positive predictions claim that the crypto could reach 11$ as its top price in 2020, which would at the same mark a major rebound for NANO.

Nano (NANO) Price Prediction for 2025

In between 2020 and 2025, it is expected to see major changes in the cryptocurrency market, also expecting that many of the current trading cryptos will disappear from the face of the cryptosphere. Nano could probably survive, given the fact that it represents a top cryptocurrency, most potentially getting back to its all-time high even prior to 2025.
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