Dogecoin (DOGE) Gets Back to the Top 20 Cryptocurrency List While Reducing Losses in the Last Weeks’ Decline: What to Expect from DOGE in 2019?

Dogecoin started out back in 2013 as what at first appears to be nothing more than a meme coin, and where the majority of crypto enthusiast considered DOGE a joke coin. However, DOGE turned five on December 6th,marking 5 years of successful trading, also rejoining the list of the 20 top trading cryptocurrencies determined by market capitalization. At the same time, DOGE previously suffered from major decreases after the currency surged back in September driven by the positive momentum backed with the demoing of the Dogethereum Bridge. During the last week, the market has been driven down by the December bear trends to touch new lows, so the majority of top traders is losing over -20% of gains with several exceptions in NEM (XEM) and TRON (TRX). Dogecoin, in this case, lost “only” around -6% of its value during the course of a single week, which brought it back to the list of top 20currencies.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Trading among the Top 20 Once Again

 Dogecoin previously climbed to the list of top 20 trading currencies back in September when DOGE was a subject of hyped ETH/DOGE Bridge dubbed Dogethereum. At the time, the crypto scored almost 50% of gains in the course of only several days, which helped it rank as the 20th largest currency in the market. Several months later, when the market is suffering from severe dips and price declines, Dogecoin once again manages to get back to the list of top 20 cryptos.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Price Today  

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This is more likely the case similar to that we could see with XRP and Ethereum when both cryptos were dipping and XRP still managed to take the spot of the second-largest currency back in mid-November when the market went fully bearish on the cryptos. While almost all top traders are marking over -20% of losses in the course of the last seven days, Dogecoin with several exceptions is dropping by only -6%, which eventually brought it to the top list of 20. However, despite the ranking progress, DOGE is still marking losses on monthly and YTD charts.

What to Expect from Dogecoin in 2019: DOGE Price Prediction for 2019

Dogecoin is currently traded at the price of 0.002$, which means that DOGE is down by over -88% since reaching its all-time high of 0.017$. While more positive predictions indicate that Dogecoin might get back at least to the price of 0.005$ by the beginning of 2019, it is not yet certain whether DOGE would be able to resist further dips that are taking place almost regularly on a daily basis. Less enthusiastic predictions imply that DOGE could even reach new lows in 2019, however, DOGE is among the top 20 currencies with some of the lowest levels of lost value with around -21% losses on its year to date chart. Many analysts indicate that 2019 will come with more bear trends which is why DOGE could keep dipping. However, Dogethereum Bridge, although passed to another dev team that supports DOGE outside the core dev, is still being updated to match the intended purpose of representing a bridge between DOGE and ETH. If completed somewhere in 2019, Dogethereum bridge could once again provide a well-deserved price boost for DOGE.
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