IOHK Releases Smart Contracts Tools for Cardano (ADA) Blockchain

IOHK launches Plutus and Marlowe in test phase as tools for writing smart contracts on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain.
Blockchain research firm, IOHK, has announced the launch of two new smart contracts writing tools, Plutus and Marlowe. Though launched in test formats, these tools are set to enable the development of blockchain contracts on the Cardano blockchain. According to the IOHK team, Plutus will provide a programming language base for Cardano. Integrated as a combination of Cardano and a discipline of the Haskell functional language, Plutus will create a robust field for developers to develop smart contracts. In line with this, the IOHK team has provided an exploratory development and testing interface for Plutus Contracts. The interface is based on a novel Blockchain emulator dubbed as the Plutus Playground by the team. These smart contracts, according to the team, are ready to be deployed.

Plutus and Marlowe Designed to Withstand Security Glitches

Cybersecurity has been on the forefront of crypto discussions for a while. Especially with the recent attacks on the EOS network as well as the cryptojacking episodes, many blockchain networks have been forced to reassess their protocols. Commentingon the launch of the new contracts, IOHK CEO, Charles Hoskinson explained thatthe team had worked rigorously to ensure there is minimal risks of bug attacks.According to him, the launch of the two projects marked a milestone in the blockchain industry.
“We’re really excited to release the test versions of Plutus and Marlowe so developers, finance professionals and academics can test how they can use smart contracts on Cardano. Both technologies are a major step forward for the blockchain industry. They have been rigorously designed by a team of leading experts in programming language design, with the aim of reducing the kinds of software bugs that have led to huge losses in the range of hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Unlike Plutus, Marlowe is designed with a combination of building blocks that records a transaction made on the block, describes what payment is being made and verifies the transaction upon the fulfillment of conditions necessitated. These tools are built such that instructions and conditions are not easily overruled or skirted around as seen in some blockchains. Still in the test stage, the company has announced that the full release of Marlowe is slated for mid-2019.The tools upon full integration will be available for use on Cardano SL.
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