The Monero developers team premiered the new version of its client to interact with the blockchain. Called Beryllium Bullet, one of its main attractions is that it will allow the inclusion of a new form of forms of network rank tests, called Bulletproofs, that help reduce the size of blocks, especially in terms of the number of confirmations that are they need.

Users urged to update to the new version

On October 18 an update will be made in the cryptocurrency software, and developers have urged users to update to this new version. “To be sufficiently prepared, a user, service, merchant, group operator or exchange must run CLI v0.13.0.2 or GUI v0.13.0.0”. The client will be available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

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As part of the major changes in the new version, the form of rank tests, Borromean, is replaced by Bulletproofs to significantly reduce the size of the s transaction, which reduces network fees. Secondly, an adjustment of the Work Test ( PoW ) of the network was carried out in order to stop any potential ASIC mining threat.

Third, the minimum ring size with which the network works will rise to 11 and will be a fixed value. “Therefore, pool operators must ensure that the payments use a ring size of 11 (mix in 10). Otherwise, they will be rejected by the network,” reads the document published through Reddit.

We are interested in the next scheduled update of the network being carried out in the best possible way. Therefore, it is imperative that we, as a community, contact economically sensitive nodes (exchanges and services) and inform about the new version, the next scheduled update of the network, and that they must execute v0.13.0.0 to be sufficiently prepared.

Preliminary information about the Monero update.

According to the published information, in order to carry out this update it will not be necessary to synchronize the entire chain, but with the most current version, the process can be carried out smoothly.

Recall that Monero (XMR) created with the name BitMonero, which is a product of the union of this two.. Until now, they have remained as defenders and proponents of privacy as a fundamental human right. In fact, of his group of seven developers, only two have revealed his name: Ricardo Spagni, an expert and developer of South African software, and Francisco Cabañas, a Canadian physicist.

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