Phisher Impersonates EOS Arbitrator, Tries to Get Users to Part with Accounts

The EOS Network appears to be under another malicious attack as an alleged arbitrator tries to steal users’ account information by forcing them to participate in a fake arbitration process.

EOS Network under Another Attack

It is no news that the EOS network has incurred losses due to numerous attacks. Its latest reported attack is the phishing attempt seen by the users of the network. The network had received demands from an alleged arbitrator demanding that users take part in an ongoing arbitration process.
According to the users, tens of thousands of those messages had been received with the sender demanding that they participate in a process that could force them to part with their accounts and funds.
The hacker was noted to be impersonating the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF) which provides solutions to disputes on the EOS blockchain while reclaiming funds at some points. The attacker was noted to be using an account by the “ecaofficial” for the messages.
According to users, it was viewed as a legitimate message at first but as what began as a simple notification dropped became a torrent of messages, it gave the attacker away. The fake notification gave the appearance of being legitimate as it mirrored the original notices sent out by the ECAF on the network.
The attacker provided a website link that looked remotely like the original ECAF website link at first glance as well as well as case reference numbers and specific ECAF rules. However, upon closer and careful inspection, the fake URL had some characters mixed up.
One user claimed that once a user fall victim to this attack, the attacker could go forward to ask for the private keys of the user, thus, gaining access to the account. Though the network had seen the torrent of messages, there are, however, no reports as to whether any user had fallen prey to the phishing campaign.

As EOS Network Faces More Battles

The EOS network appears to be a honey pot for hackers and malicious users as it faces setbacks due to attacks. A recent report by cyber security company, PeckShield indicated that the network had lost over 400,000 EOS to these attacks.
According to the report, consistent security glitches were reason for the attacks and the company claimed that over 60% accounts were dormant on the network. These were, according to the company, obvious reasons for these constant attacks.
The phishing attack marks another security breach over the network. However, it is presumed that the issue will be solved soon as users expect the block producers “active on telegram” to “shut it down soon.”
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