Bitcoin 2019 Forecast: Here is why Bitcoin will be bullish in 2019

When you talk about cryptocurrency, the first thing most people will have in mind is bitcoin. It is the most popular digital currency and is the one that started blockchain technology.  Created in 2009, it aims to remove any intervention of third parties during the transaction. It operates without any central authority by using peer to peer technology, therefore, providing an easy mode of transaction. It now used by most people to buy their essentials and other luxury items without any hassles.

Younger generation’s top #1 investment

Due to its increasing popularity, bitcoin is now used as an investment by many people especially the younger generation to earn profits in the future. Like any type of currency, it also experiences highs and lows in its value. This is why many people are interested to know what the bitcoin 2019 forecast hold as frequent fluctuations from the past years were experienced by investors.

Bitcoin Forecast

Many market experts believe that there will have a positive outcome and will be a good year for investors as there will be an increase that can reach up to $23,500 mark by the end of the year 2019. It is expected to have good development especially the launching of the BTC future by NASDAQ in the beginning of the year.

Bitcoin will be bullish in 2019

Bitcoin will be bullish in 2019 as many people will now be able to be aware and invest in its technology. The higher the number of trades, the higher the price therefore it is predicted to increase up to $20000 by the middle of the year. The scarce circulation as only 21 million can be mined adds to the increase in its value.

Many countries such as Japan, South Korea and U.S have set up regulated markets to integrate it making it secure and function freely. This is also the reason why there will be an increase in value by the end of the year.

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