Crypto Bull Run Started? Bitcoin is finally surging, what will happen to others?

Due to the fall of the bitcoin last year which crippled the market down, many investors are now wondering when will the next bull run begin. A bull market is one of the things these investors anticipate as it is characterized by an increase and rise of prices. With the positive price predictions of bitcoins and XRP in 2019, it is anticipated that a bull run is on the way.

As the price of bitcoin significantly increased reaching up to $5000 and a 20% surge in altcoins, it is indeed that the crypto bull run started bringing excitement to many investors. It started on the first of April in which many were not expecting. The pump in the market ensured that the bear market was finally over.

Let the Bull Run

For many investors, a bull market is a perfect time to sell an asset they have bought beforehand in order to take advantage while the price is high. This is why many are eager for it so as to increase the profit from what they have invested. This is where they will strategize and use techniques such as buy and hold. This 2019, the bear market has finally come to an end and promises a great start for the cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is finally surging

The main reason for the start of the bull run is that bitcoin is finally surging and peaked to an all-time high on Bitmex. Due to this increased price, the total market cap reached a whopping $20 billion. Many haven’t notice that it had been running for some time now as the coin surpassed its resistance and surged up the buying pressure.

Rapid growth and new projects start online

Though there is really a downsized in mining operation in the market, many are still having positive insights due to the fact that the crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase have expanded to other locations and gaining new staff. This results in rapid growth and new projects start online.

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