Tron Says Community Is More Active From Ethereum, Hackathon Otherwise

Tron has no more active developer pool than etherum

In an interview with Investopedia on October 5, Tron CEO Justin Sun said the developer community is more active than Ethereum.

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Bitcoin (BTC)

When Sun was asked to provide five reasons why Tron was better than Ethereum, Sun said:

At TRON, we always emphasize the importance of accessibility and our commitment to society. This is why we have succeeded in meeting our goals of becoming faster and cheaper than Ethereum to provide an easy and affordable network for our live community of talented developers.

1.000 Developers at ETHSanFrancisco Ethereum Hackathon

In a new hackathon in San Francisco, more than 1,000 developers came together to develop applications and scaling solutions in Ethereum.

Brayton Williams, venture capital firm Boost VC and co-founder of a blockchain investor, said:

Five years ago in one of the first crypto conferences, ”Bitcoin 2013“ organized the Boost VC hackathon. 25 people attended and participated in San Jose. This weekend, it was amazing to get more than 1,000 people at the Palace of Fine Arts @ETH SanFrancisco.


Linda Xie, one of Scalar Capital and 0x consultants who helped Ethereum hackathons to ETH SanFrancisco and other regions, said Ethereum’s developer community has grown significantly in the last three years.


Expressing Williams’ feelings, Xie said:

I fully agree, I remember attending ETH San Francisco gatherings 3 years ago and 20 people will be there! It was amazing to see the community grow.


Ethereum Blockchain EEA

User activity is far ahead of the Ethereum Tron in terms of transac- tion volume, network activity, and dApp count. According to Etherscan, Ethereum performs 500,000 transactions per second every day. Tron, on the other hand, is trying to record 50 percent of this.


However, the competition against EtherCum’s second most valuable crypto currency in the global market for blockchain projects based on the ERC20 coin contract standard is only friendly, because they benefit from the effort of Ethereum’s developer community to scale the block chain.


Most of the scaling solutions integrated into the Ethereum network, including Sharding, Plasma, Snark Based Side Chain and ZK-SNARKs, are expected to greatly increase the main network capacity of the Ethereum network, which will be useful for both dApps and blockchain. The protocols were launched at the summit of Ethereum.


How can Tron actually compete

In all areas, Tron remains behind the Ethereum and the blockchain project is not close to reaching the dominant smart contract protocol as a crypto currency outside the top 10 rankings in the global market.

However, Tron’s acquisition of BitTorrent, the world’s largest torrent client with over 100 million users, gave Tron a unique market targeted with a decentralized blockchain system. However, when used correctly, it is possible to find a robust use of Tron’s blockchain technology.

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