Uber IPO 2019 Predictions: Should You Invest? IPO Date, Future Forecast, Valuation and Business Model

At the beginning of December 2018, Uber and Lyft, the logistics companies based in San Francisco had both filed their IPO submissions to the Securities and Exchange Commission, however, many analysts are suggesting that the upcoming IPOs won’t get a burning attention that both companies are hoping for.

This is the case because both companies have been losing in revenues for the past several quarters, but still, investors are going bullish on Uber in predictions in oppose to the less known Lyft.

Uber Predicted to Score Around 120 Billion Dollars in Offer

While Lyft s planning on having their IPO issued by March 18th, 2019, and start live trading on Nasdaq already by the beginning of April, Uber representatives still remain quiet on the matter of the exact date of the issuance of Uber Initial Public Offering.

What is known by far is that both companies filed their confidential IPO filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission back at the end of 2018, having Uber representatives stating that their IPO preparations are set to last for at least several more weeks.

By the time Uber’s IPO would be ready for release, Lyft should have already started to live trade on Nasdaq exchange in accordance with the plan.

However, even though Lyft may acquire a starting advantage as far as their IPO sale concerned, analysts are predicting that the IPO won’t score more than 15 billion, in oppose to the predicted 120 billion dollars for Uber at their upcoming initial IPO sale.

In addition, Uber is available in 70 countries around the globe, while Lyft is only available in the US and Canada with no clear plans on whether the company would be gong for an expansion in the upcoming period.

Uber also has a larger market capitalization in oppose to its competitors, such as Lyft, which means that Uber’s IPO may go bullish despite the fact that Uber has been losing money in the last fiscal year.

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