Future Forecast for Alphabet (GOOGL), Amazon (AMZN), Apple (APPL) and Microsoft (MSFT): Bad News and Good News

Some of the top tech companies, Amazon (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT), Apple (APPL) and Alphabet (GOOGL) are fighting over top positions as each of the companies appears to be ready to take over the supremacy over the digital market.

By far, based on the most recent results on the matter of most commonly used development platforms, Microsoft and Alphabet seem to be best suited for taking the first place among the competition.

Microsoft (MSFT) and Alphabet (GOOGL) Top Favorites for Taking the Digital Throne

Although Microsoft’s Windows development platform fell by 12% in the course of a year, from 2017 to 2018, Microsoft still appears to have the biggest shot at winning in the digital war.

AWS dropped as well, going down by far, and Linux on the other hand seems to be favored by as twice as many developers than the two years before back in 2017.

With 48% taken in 2018, Linux definitely took the first spot that Microsoft held in 2017 with 35%, and in the meanwhile MacOS and Android gained on attention.

Given the fact that Microsoft represents the biggest contributor on GitHub for open-source projects and Alphabet stands as the largest consumer of software built for Linux, Linux’s popularity among investors goes in favor of both companies.

AWS is used less often in 2o18 in oppose to 2017, down by 4%, which is how Amazon might be affected with a portion of developers departing. The number of MacOS users increased by 20%, which is a great success for Apple company, however, Microsoft and Alphabet seem to be leading in the field by majority.

That means that GOOGL and MSFT stocks could be looking at more gains as a consequence in the upcoming period, making a strong pair on the head of the digital revolution.


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