Second Dot-Com Bubble: Pinterest, Lyft, Uber IPO 2019 – 2019 Could Be the Busiest Year Ever for IPOs

As multiple tech startups are rallying to make IPO debuts in 2019, some analysts are predicting a second dot-com bubble with the announced and upcoming IPOs such as Lyft, Uber and Pinterest.

While Lyft and Uber are operating in logistics sector, working in share-a-ride business that commenced its fame with the launching of Uber service, now available in 70 countries worldwide, the two startups are preparing to launch their IPOs.

Pinterest, the famous social network for sharing, is also set to issue their own IPO in what appears to be a growing trend among tech startups.

Pinterest Submitted IPO Filing to the SEC, Lyft and Uber Announced IPOs

Lyft and Uber might be in competition against each other as the both companies are working in the same sector, however, Lyft may get a slight advantage with an already determined IPO date set to launch on March 18th, 2019.

Uber will take several more weeks to arrange operations and prepare the IPO before the official announcement, and despite the slight advantage that Lyft might gain in the beginning, analysts are predicting that Uber could have more success in oppose to its competitor.

Pinterest have already filed confidential paperwork on their IPO to the Securities and Exchange Commission, expecting to collect around 12 billion with their Initial Public Offer.

Despite the growing trend in announcing IPOs among tech startups, some analysts believe that this trend might be a bubble waiting to burst, resembling of the previous dot-com bubble that made many internet startups fall as quickly as they rose.

Pinterest is relying on the ability of their social platform which provides the company with a viable value due to its ability to drive traffic to different websites, presenting a discovery platform similar to Instagram, which may help the startup to reach their targeted goal of 12 billion US dollars.

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