Investing in Artificial Intelligence: Top AI Companies Indicating Profitability of the Sector

Artificial Intelligence represents a uniquely transformational technology that had found its way towards immense profitability through different applications of AI, that way becoming one of the most profitable industries with great transformative potential.

AI is also being implemented and easily integrated with many different technologies, building new valuable markets that can bring profit to investors as well, as major companies like Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Amazon (AMZN: GOOG) are dominating the market with implementing Artificial Intelligence in various types of projects.

In addition to obvious acceleration of this transformational technology, according to PwC, AI implementations and integrations across various sectors should bring 15.7 trillion dollars to the global economy in the course of the next ten to eleven years.

Top Leading AI Companies in the Sector of Artificial Intelligence

Leading companies can provide a valuable insight into the best-case scenario of a certain sector or industry, while Amazon Web Services and Alphabet’s Waymo are making perfect indicators into the potential of Artificial Intelligence.

Amazon Web Services is leading in the area of speech and image recognition services and studies, while Amazon company on the head with their CEO, Jeff Bezos, have managed to collect a more than a decent amount of profit through their AI-backed virtual assistant, Alexa, while Amazon’s VA is still attracting interest from buyers and recording increased sales.

Waymo, on the other hand, is using AI in a different approach as the company is working on automated self-driving vehicles, which are gaining more on popularity alongside electric vehicles such as Tesla’s models.

According to the latest growth showcased in the sector of AI, Gartner is predicting that the industry will get to see a growth of 3.9 trillion dollars in the course of the next three years by the year 2022 based on the sales growth, revenue, cost reduction and improved user experience.


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