Top Investing Trends: Profitable Sectors and Industries to Watch in 2019

As many analysts and market watchers are warning that investors are in for a wild ride during 2019 as the former historical trends in the market are indicating that after a long period of price pumps and benevolent market trends, market crisis is usually the next to strike, some industries that managed to show an immense success in the market are said to continue with increasing growth rate even in 2019.

Despite price slides and the growing budget deficit of the United States, the market is still run by major players that seem to be infallible or at least close to infallible.

Top Performers of the Market and Where to Find Them in 2019

One of the definite winners of 2018 said to be able to survive the upcoming period of 2019 as the year has already entered the second quarter is healthcare industry. According to chief investment strategist at CFRA Research in New York, healthcare sector might have the best chances for bouncing off if the crisis takes place despite going down by 1.4% in oppose to the average 64% of gains in 2018.

Moreover, HD Vest chief investment strategist recommends that investors should pay attention to financial industry despite the rising interest rates imposed by the Federal Reserve, while leverage for loans have been expanded to meet increased capital for deployment, which means more money for the industry in 2019.

Another one of sectors with a strong defense in 2019 is said to be industrial sector, however, the focus of investors should be switched from natural resource companies to allow profitability in the sector of waste management companies.

These companies in the sector of industrials are offering environmental services and solutions alongside opening recycle centers and providing solutions for controlling pollution. As these services are becoming ever more so necessary, the profitability of waste management companies is rising accordingly.

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