Cryptocurrency Investments 2019: Is Investing in Bitcoin (BTC) Still Profitable in 2019

Bitcoin (BTC) famously saw its peak price back at the end of 2017 when the world’s first cryptocurrency saw an amazing value of 20,000 dollars per one unit at the time, while the rest of the market followed the top crypto.

However, BTC alongside its digital peers took a downward path, soon enough losing over -90% of its value over the course of a single year, while November dips of 2018 took the best of the crypto market, making investors more cautious about investing in cryptocurrency.

Investment magnums such as the world’s richest man, Warren Buffett, still advises against investing in BTC considering that the value of Bitcoin strictly depends on how much money is the next man ready to pay for it, however, BTC is anything but dead although far from 20k per one BTC unit.

Reasons to Consider Investing in Bitcoin (BTC) in 2019

What some investors fail to realize when avoiding Bitcoin is the fact that the number of issued BTC units is limited in a way gold reserves are limited. Still, gold is considered to be one of the most valuable and stable fiat investments, and for a good reason.

Whenever new gold reserves are added to the existing by excavation and mining, the price of the gold may be set to rise because the fact remains that with each mined gold nugget, there is less gold to be mined in the future, thus limiting the supply of gold – this is not the case with money as governments may decide to print more, which eventually leads to deficit and inflation.

Once all BTC is mined, the price of Bitcoin should have nowhere to go but up, having its value raised in accordance with the demand and the number of circulating units against supply.

Bitcoin also represents a digital asset that can be spent or exchanged back to a fiat value such as the US dollar or euro, alongside allowing transacting across Bitcoin platform with no intermediaries and with utmost financial freedom, which is where its importance lies in the first place.

Moreover, with the second quarter of 2019, BTC already went past the value of 4,000$ still showing progress in oppose to the crisis of 2018.

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