Why Decentralized Applications (Dapps) Matter to Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

While millions of people has at least several apps on their smartphones, billions of users are downloading numerous applications from different app markets for different purposes – from playing games on your smartphone, to socializing and connecting.

Dapps are not used in such extent as blockchain technology is still in developmental stage, however, Dapps are taking the crypto community by storm, with one of such apps collecting 12 million dollars in its initial funding.

Crypto Kitties, one of the most popular Dapps on the blockchain, and at the same time the game that brought Ethereum platform down and caused the entire network to freeze, brought 12 million in investments, which at the same time showed an amazing potential that decentralized applications can have for blockchain and cryptocurrency mainstream adoption.

How Dapps Are Important for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Adoption

After Ethereum debuted back in 2015, more networks hosting Dapps appeared in the market, attracting more users and with an increasing user base, investors came flooding in.

However, decentralized applications itself have a strong value to offer, which is why Dapp developers can organize crowdfunding rounds for their applications.

While blockchain platforms might be difficult to use to an average user, Dapps represent simplified versions of such environment, usually offering a specific service to the user, backed by tokens that can drive more value to the Dapp, as well as the Dapp can drive more value to the tokens in the market.

That is how Dapps, as the popularity of such applications is rising, may attract unlikely users that otherwise wouldn’t invest in tokens, but they are now because they want to access a certain application, which should contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain technology and digital assets.

Dapps, unlike apps, are not owned by anyone and allow access usually for token-holders for the appropriate application, while the necessity for tokens might be the main key towards adoption and wider utilization of cryptocurrency as well.


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