Profitability Market Watch: Top Fintech Stocks to Invest in 2019

Fintech industry is perhaps one of the fastest growing market in the last several years, as it has become obvious years ago that financial technology will come with numerous innovations while combining different technologies and finding its way to numerous different sectors.

Fintech is also changing the way traditional banking is working as many major banks are “copying” trends from the sector of financial industry to match the needs of their clients and put these services under mainstream adoption.

While MasterCard and PayPal Holdings ended the last year as some of the top picks of the industry with MasterCard scoring 29% and PayPal reported 17%, the companies were able to meet the negative return of 2.4% on S&P 500.

While some analysts are recommending to keep holdings in the two fintech companies, new potential winners are emerging.

Potentially Profitable Fintech Stocks to Own in 2019 and Beyond

MasterCard and PayPal Holdings stocks are still recommended as “hold” for investors that took the opportunity to invest in these companies back in 2017 and earlier, however there were more gains recorded in the fintech industry during 2018.

Square stocks went up by 79% during 2018, still making a valuable addition to any portfolio, while 2018 brought another fintech startup into light.

BlackLine Inc might be a little-known company with small capitalization when compared to the previously mentioned fintech giants, however, the company appears to have a lot of potential, given the fact that BlackLine is working with SaaS.

BlackLine offers software-as-a-service cloud accounting, which cuts the costs for companies when it comes to bookkeeping, also allowing easy integrations with the companies’ systems.

The company saw an increase of 29% during the last year with the total revenue thriving to 58.7 million towards Q3.

As the company is recording returning clients that are now spending more on their services with new clients joining to bring more profit to the company and investors in 2019 and beyond.

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