Investment Trends in 2019: Different Ways to Invest in Blockchain Technology

Even though blockchain technology is very much appreciated for the last couple of years, while major companies and tech giants like Microsoft and IBM, and even the social media magnum like Facebook, have started working on different projects related to the foundational and perhaps disruptive technology that blockchain represents.

Perhaps blockchain wouldn’t even come as interesting to numerous start-ups and companies if it wasn’t for Bitcoin (BTC), the first application of blockchain that soon went to make its peak of 20k USD per one unit, and even sooner went down to the value of around 3,800$ with the November dip in 2018.

While investors seem to prefer to play safe with investing in blockchain through cryptocurrency and tokens, there are safer ways of investing in blockchain other than exchanging fiat for crypto.

Ways to Invest in Blockchain with Mitigated Risk

Cryptocurrency investments are still being made within the market of digital assets, while Bitcoin alone is worth above 70 billion dollars in total market capitalization concluded with March 2019, however, investors are looking for secure and safer investments where 10,000% of return won’t quickly turn into major losses of above -90%.

That is how investors are turning to ETFs as a much safer option for placing their investments, as here is where the risk factor appears to be reduced to the greatest extent possible.

ETFs are where investors can play with placing bets on development and evolution of blockchain instead placing their investments based on the hype.

Still, investing in blockchain by investing in blockchain-based start-ups is another one among favorite safer options as many of these start-ups have grown to become major players even outside the industry of blockchain by making partnerships with prominent companies that have a proven history of progress, growth potential and profit.

Cryptocurrency start-ups like Stellar (XLM), Ethereum (ETH), IOTA (MIOTA), Verge (XVG) and their top-rated crypto peers are already “borrowing” their technology to major companies or have managed to create a value for their platforms even outside the price in the market.

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