Investing in Alphabet (GOOG) Should You Invest in Alphabet and Hold GOOG Stocks in 2019?

Google might be getting out of the social media industry by terminating Google + services, however, Alphabet and the world’s most commonly used search engine are focusing on the growth of Google search engine, alongside working on generating larger revenue through advertising.

Alphabet is as twice as large as Facebook

Alphabet is as twice as large as Facebook, the social media giant, presently standing around 821 billion dollars in market capitalization.

Although all hopes of creating a competitive social media platform went down the drain with taking down Google +, Alphabet is now finding new growth potential by focusing on the gaming industry as well, which might provide positive momentum for the company and shareholders likewise, making GOOG stock a definite “hold”.

What to Expect from Alphabet (GOOG) Stocks in 2019?

Around mid-March 2019, Google announced the upcoming Google game service, called Stadia. The project is focused on providing servers for games and gamers, while Google will try to get a share of a multi-billion-dollar industry that gaming represents, carrying a great potential in generating new revenue sources and increasing the overall growth of the company.

The company has entered the gaming industry

The project will more likely attract more investors to GOOG stocks, that way affecting the value of stocks in the market as well, while the company is working on entering the gaming industry while managing a more profitable advertising business strategy.

Alphabet is finding new profit sources.

Stadia, the game-related project by Alphabet should allow gamers to use Google servers for playing games as well as for watching other people playing, which is also becoming a popular type of video content on YouTube, carrying a massive potential that Alphabet will manage to attract new targeted audiences, that way finding new profit sources.

Based on the effective switch of the business plan of Alphabet after terminating Google’s social network, all major investors have most probably decided to keep their GOOG stocks.

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