Investment Trends 2019: Should You Invest in Microsoft (MSFT) Stocks in 2019 and How Profitable is Investing in Microsoft?

Tech companies are producing more revenue from year to year, while stocks of tech companies appear to be going through a rising demand for the past several years due to the fact that technology is advancing at an accelerated rate during the past three decades, speeding up the process of evolution with the last five to ten years.

Microsoft is a tech giant that appears to not be able to disappoint investors as this technological magnum is able to generate billions in year to year revenue for countless quarters now, while the company is founding its business strategy based on several industries.

Microsoft’s Azure is one of the dominant cloud computing companies, while Microsoft even stepped into the waters of social networking with purchasing LinkedIn, a popular social network for creating leads and making business connections, in an agreement that weighed 26.2 billion dollars back in June 2016.

How Profitable is Investing in Microsoft (MSFT) in 2019?

Purchasing LinkedIn nearly three years back, in 2016, turned out to be a great call for the tech giant that Microsoft represents as the company reported 33% increases in revenue strength through the social network, alongside reporting 34% growth in engagement on the network, according to reports for the first quarter of fiscal year 2019.

With the latest report, it appears that the social network for business and professionals seeking for new job opportunities, makes up for a valuable addition to the company, demonstrating the ability to create more revenue sources for Microsoft.

At the same time, Office 365 revenue growth alongside revenue growth for cloud-based services provided by Microsoft also reported 18% increases for the same period, while personal computing sales also jumped by 15%.

Microsoft is also a dividend-paying company, with a 17-year-old history of increasing dividends by an average of 14.5% in the course of the last decade.


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