IPO Boom 2019: NGM Biopharmaceuticals (NGM) One of the Companies Ready to Go Public

One of the most talked about IPOs for 2019, Lyft (LYFT), went public on Friday, March 29th, starting at the price of 72$ per share, while the offer already collected 2.2 billion dollars and is already up by 22% after the first trading session.

NGM Pharmaceuticals filed S-1 at the end of September 2018

However, Lyft is only one of the numerous IPOs ready to hit the market, as many companies are getting ready to go public and have already filed for initial public offerings. NGM Pharmaceuticals is one of such companies, filing S-1 at the end of September 2018.

NGM Biopharmaceuticals is slowly getting ready, already revealing price per share and the number of shares being issued with the public offering, expecting favorable attention from investors once the company gets listed on Nasdaq exchange that had already accepted NGM listing.

NGM Biopharmaceuticals Ready to Go Public in 2019 as a Part of the Latest IPO Boom

NGM Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage company operating under biotech industry for developing various types of treatments which includes treating cardio-metabolic oncologic diseases, as well as liver and ophthalmic diseases.

The company described their internal operations as a process of deep researching that should generate novel insights that should further provide solutions in form of products, enabling “an early demonstration of human proof of concept”.

The company recently has seven product candidates while, while one of the key collaborations between NGM Biopharmaceuticals and Merck (MRK), weighing 20 million dollars in milestone payments and that had just been renewed for two additional years.

122,666,672 Dollars Valuation With 6.7 Million Shares

According to Nasdaq exchange that already agreed to list the company under the thicker (NGM), the amount of the company’s offer stands at 122,666,672 dollars, while the company announced issuing 6.7 million shares.

The price 14$ and 16$ per share

The price per share for NGM Biopharmaceuticals is said to be set between the value of 14$ and 16$ per share for the start of their IPO.


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