Litecoin Predictions 2019: LTC will reach new heights in 2019, an increase ranging from $500-$600

Litecoin has continually been on the rise since its debut on GitHub on October 2011. Also known as LTC, it is an internet currency which allows immediate and low-cost payments to anyone around the globe. It is a fork of bitcoin with some differences such as having more tokens or coins, lesser time in block generation of about 2 minutes and a half, an altered Graphic User Interface (GUI), and a uses script rather than SHA-256.

It cemented its spot during November 2013 wherein it underwent a 100% increase within 24 hours reaching $1 billion in market capitalization. This is the reason why people who want to invest in it are eager to know what the Litecoin predictions 2019 hold so as to be able to make good profits for this year.

Litecoin Predictions of 2019

In the new age of money, Litecoin is considered to be the digital silver in cryptocurrency and is the most talked about trend due to its continuous growth from the past years. So, what does the future have in store for Litecoin?

Increasing steadily since 2018

The price of Litecoin has been increasing steadily since 2018. Due to its steady foundations, many experts say that this 2019 it will be able to reach new heights wherein an increase ranging from $500-$600 value. As a matter of fact, it was able to experience substantial gains in March wherein it increases by over 30% till the end of the month.

Also due to bitcoin’s positive developments in its growth and trading, it is able to directly benefit it. The traffic caused by bitcoin clogs the system and increases the transaction fees causing deviation to Litecoin.

The increase in media popularity

The increase in media popularity also adds to its success as more people are becoming aware and are able to compare its advantages from bitcoin. It causes them to become one of their preferred options in the crypto network.

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